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6 Things You Need To Know About Silent Day 2020 in Bali

Silent Day or Nyepi is a Hindu celebration in Bali. On this Silent Day, Bali is a dead island where there’s no activity within 24 hours in Bali. But a lot of people will spend their time in Bali to experience this silent day because it’s a unique tradition in the world. Here’s the 6 Things You Need To Know About Silent Day if you want experience it in Bali

3 or 4 days before silent day, the Balinese wearing traditional clothes and go to the nearest temple and have a Melasti Ceremony in the beach to purify sacred objects kept in the temples. This is a unique thing that you can enjoy or capture it

Melasti ceremony

Of course  there’s no flight on silent day in Bali and for 24 hours from 6 am to 6 am the next morning, the Balinese avoid from turning the light/ fire/ electricity and working or doing physical activities, having fun, and traveling. And if you’re a tourist please respect it and don’t make any noise.
On silent day you will have a wonderful night. Due to the lack of light pollution, the sky will be so clear you can see all the stars and capture the milky way event in the city. The next morning, you will feel the air will be so fresh.

beautiful night

On Pengrupukan day ( a night before silent day), Balinese will start their ritual, thousands of colossal, ogoh ogoh (a big doll) symbolizing demons will be marched thoroughout the street. So it’s kinda parade. The famous place to see ogoh ogoh perform is in front of Puri Ubud and at Lapangan Puputan Denpasar.

Ogoh ogoh

You should know, beside ogoh ogoh festival, there will be also a unique ritual like fire war in Nagi village, Ubud. 

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The tourist can watch that, but becareful of the fire. It will start at 6pm. So if you stay in Ubud, better watch the fire war at Nagi village first then go to Puri Ubud to watch the ogoh ogoh perform.

No internet, no tv in Bali on silent day. Even in some locations, there’s no electricity can you imagine it. So prepare your game or film to pass this day. Or you can stay at the hotel which provide you many activities and connection internet.

a day after Silent Day (Ngembak Geni Day), there are some morning market like in Kuta beach. They will sell traditional food. Also you can see some unique festival like Omed Omedan festival in Banjar sesetan, Denpasar. The youth of the village will kiss each other in this ceremony. 
Or you can see mud bath ritual in Kedonganan village near the airport. It will start at 4pm, you can also participate in this ritual, just bring a traditional cloth to cover your feet. You will have a mud bath at the mangrove and walk to the beach to clean up the mud

Mud Bath

What do you think about the silent? Are you interested to experience it?

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