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Are you looking for a sunrise point in Kintamani are, Bali? Well here is Top sunrise point in Kintamani, Bali


Mount is an active volcano in Bali with 1717mDPL. This is one of the best sunrise point since Mount agung is close for trekking during the eruption. There's a rule if you want to do hiking here, if you're a foreigner, it's a must to have a guide here the hiking package usually start from Rp350.000/pax but if you are an Indonesian citizen you can climb without guide. 

Do not climb this mountain in the rainy season, this mountain have an easily trekking route, it will take approximately 2 hours to go up until the top of the Mount Batur. Don't worry if you are hungry there's a small shop sell food and beverage in the middle of the mountain but ofcourse it has a higher price. 

I start climb at 04.00am and arrive at the top at 06.00am and wait until the sunrise comes. when the sun rise about 7pm, a lot of monkey will come to us searching for food, so please becareful of your food and drink.

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Not too far from Mount Batur, there a sunrise point in Pinggan Village. Pinggan village is quite famous for local people in Bali to watch the sunrise. It has a beautiful view from the hill. The fog will cover the view of the area in the down side so it will have a beautiful fog sceneray from the top.

You can easily find the location with google maps or just look at the right side after the Balinese gate in the pinggan village, you will see a spot and there will be a lot of  motorbike there. But unfortunatelty, there's a person who take a benefit of that. He will ask for money even Rp 20.000 for motorbike parking, crazy right. I dont know why the village or police dont have action for that. He's even illegal ask for money to the tourist.

Also if you want something more, you can have a camping here. I saw like 2 or 3 camping tent here when I come. So yes you can to do that too. So yeah that's the best sunrise spot in Kintamani, you can try to visit one of them if you have time.


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