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10 Best Things To Do in Kintamani Bali

Hello guys! Here's my recommendation place to visit in Kintamani, Bali. Kintamani offers you a beautiful landscape of Batur Global Geopark. Don't forget to bring your jacket because kintamani has a cold temperature up to 15'C. Here's things to do in Kintamani for you!

1. Mount Batur Trekking

Pic by Sam Billingham

Mount Batur is  an active volcano in Bali. According to Hindu believe, this is one of the sacred mountain. Mount Batur is 1717m above sea level and you will need 2 hours to get up of the mountain and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. There's a rule if you want to hike this mount to must have a local guide so I would recommend you to buy a package. The cheap trekking package is USD50/person you can check @kktour on instagram

2.  Enjoy Beautiful View From Penelokan Spot 

Penelokan is a famous spot in Kintamani. It offers you a beautiful landscape of Mount Batur and Batur Lake! The best time to visit this place is in the morning

3. Visit Sacred Temples

You must visit some sacred temples in Kintamani area (such as Balingkang Temple, Ulun Batur Temple, Hulundanu Temple and Tegeh Temple). Each temple has a different and unique story behind it! Don't wear short pants or tank top. And for women make sure you're not on period

4. Visit Batur Lake

Batur Lake in Kintamani is a carter lake. You can rent a boat to explore the lake, and you can enjoy a romantic view with your partner. The best time to visit this lake is in the morning or golden hours!

5.  Batur Natural Hot Spring

Pic by Toya Devasya

There are many natural hot springs in Kintamani. one of them is Toya Devasya or Batur Natural Hotspring. 

6. Visit Batur Geopark Museum

Batur Goepark Museum is the first Geopark Museum in Indonesia. This museum is free for tourist,  you can see the history of Mount Batur in this museum. Make sure to visit it

7. Sunrise in Pinggan Village

sandi lesmana

Wow! this is the best sunrise view from Pinggan Village. Now, a lot people go to this place and bring their tent and go camping in this place. But becareful because the road here is very dangerous if you're a beginner with your bike

8. Try Kintamani Coffee

Beside the beautiful view, Kintamani is also famous for their coffee. You can try their coffee or have a coffee tour in Catur Village. Not only for the coffee, Kintamani also produce orange and other fruits. Make sure to have a visit at their local market too

9. Visit Lava Geosite

There are some geosite in Kintamani that you should visit, one of them is Lava Bantal geosite

10. Visit Truyan Village (Skull Village)

While visiting Kintamani, you should not miss Truyan Village or Skull village. Truyan Village is one of the old Village in Bali (Bali Aga). Many people call it as a SKULL VILLAGE. It's located at the side of Mount Abang, at a remote and isolated location on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. To visit Truyan Village you should rent a boat which cost about Rp 700.000 (USD 60).

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Kintamani is a little bit hard to explore if you are alone because you need a guide to tell a story behind it because it has a beautiful story in every place. So If you have plan to visit Kintamani I would recommend you KK Tour (@kktour on instagram) the owner is a local man from Catur Village Kintamani and a tourism lecturer so that's why he can tell you more about Kintamani

Happy Holiday!

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