By HelgaChrist - March 13, 2019

Are you searching for a budget capsule hotel in Kuala Lumpur? This is the answer for you! Sim Hotel! Located in Bukit Bintang area, this is quiet famous area for a budget traveler, perfect location to explore kuala lumpur. There are 3 type of rooms: Mix Dorm, Women Dorm and Men Dorm. Women dorm is the cheapest and this is my room. 

I paid about USD 10, by the way there's a regulation from Malaysia government, tax 10MYR/room/night. But if you stay at the dorm this is benefit for you cause you don't have to have it, the hotel will pay it. If you gonna stay for a couple night better use and use my referal code because you will get USD 15 off cash. Just make a booking through this link or just put the code  a86e89af

The room



Let's start from KLIA2. If you're in a group, you better use grabcar it will cost about 65MYR to Sim Hotel. But, if you're a solo and budget traveler just follow me. Go to the bus counter at KLIA 2 then buy ticket to KL Sentral Station (12MYR) it will take you about 1 hour trip. 

We are not finished yet, from the bus stop, go up to the NU Mall and find Monorail Station using the escalator and go to Imbi Station, this is the nearest station then bukit bintang station believe me (3.10MYR). From the Imbi Station you will see a brown building (Berjaya Time Square Shopping Mall) Sim Hotel is behind that building just follow the street or use google maps. You will see 'Shaw Parate ' building then turn right there's a minimarket, our hotel is next to the minimarket.
Perfect For Solo Travel
I'm an introvert person so this hotel is really perfect for me, it gives me privacy so I dont have to talk to other people lol just enjoy my time at the capsule. Although it's quiet big for me. and full of equipment such as towel, laptop desk, 2 charging slot, don't distrub me mode (my fav), alarm, fancy lighting, etc. What a perfect room. 
look at those buttons
smoking room

Well, there's a smoking room, kitchen, living room, bathroom (with shower gel and shampoo) hair dryer etc. 

And by the way if you want to explore neighbourhood like alor street (famous street food) you just can walk about 10 mins or go to pavilion mall (10mins). Don;t forget to try Mak Chee Hainan Chicken at Bukit Bintang only 10MYR. 
so yummy

And if you're looking for money changer, better use Suka Money Changer this is the best rate that you can get, trust me.

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