By HelgaChrist - March 23, 2019

If you a couple hours for transit in Malaysia like me, the best thing to do is shopping especially if the outlet have discount up to 70% right? Located just 10 minutes from KLIA you can use free shuttle bus in every 20minutes. Quiet interesting right? For your information, this Mitsui Outlet is a branch of Mitsui Outlet in Japan


Guys, don't worry if you want go to Mitsui Outlet Park because there's a free shuttle bus from / to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 and Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 in every 20 minutes, please check their schedule on the website. I'm in KLIA 2, so just go the downstair and go to the bus station lot. On the website it said that the bust will stop at B9 stop bus in fact, the bus will stop just in front of the gate so just wait there and you will see a yellow mitsui outlet bus. And the route is from Mitsui Outlet Park - KLIA 2 - KLIA Hub (KLIA1). From KLIA 2 to Mitsui Outlet Park you will need about 15 minutes and 8 minutes from KLIA Hub. SO it's perfect for a transit  passanger

There are many brand in this outlet such as adidas, nike, new balance, converse, hommy hilfiger etc, and there's no tax here so that's why the price is really cheap up to 70%.

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I visited Adidas, Nike, Converse store and yes it's really cheap for example Adidas EQT cost only start from 200 MYR for discount product, backpacker from 80 MYR and converse shoes start from 70 MYR. Compare to Indonesia where I live ofcourse this is the cheapest, no wonder why so many Indonesian buy the products here and resell it in Indonesia
Then I go to hush puppies outlet, the price is super cheap, for a women bag is cost only start from 100 MYR and promo buy 1 get 1 for shoes

Mitsui Outlet Park open from 10 am - 10 pm. Oh by the way there are some facilities for you guys for example, free shuttle bus from / to KLIA 1 & 2  Aiport, checkin facility for some airline, flight schedule information, free luggage storage so dont worry if you bring a big luggage, money changer counter, and ofcourse free wifi. If you spend minimum 300MYR, you can get tax refund on the selected counter.

Hopefully it can helps you!

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