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Review Romlan Guesthouse - Hello, welcome to my blog. If this is your first time visiting my blog,  I did a Sumatera trip, and Toba Lake is my highlight in this Sumatera Trip. I will write in English too for my 2 months backpacking trip from Sumatera, Malaysia, Thailand Hong Kong. 
bungalow room type

It's so surprising for me that in Toba area, 70% of the tourist is actually foreigner tourist. In this Romlan guesthouse, I was the only Indonesian who was staying there at that time. 80% of guest in this guesthouse is German tourist as the owner is half German. 

The first thing that you need to know, Samosir Island is our destionation (the island in the middle of Toba Lake). There are many options actually to arrive in this guesthouse. We did a unique way because we arrived in the other part of Samosir Island (without a ferry boat) it's like 30km from the Guesthouse, and we rented a local transportation for IDR 200.000 to take us directly to the guesthouse.

But it was an interesting experience as we saw the other part of the island, the local area, not a tourist area. But the usual way to get here is you take 'sejahtera' bus to the ferry terminal in the Parapatan area, which cost (IDR 60.000) and continue it take the ferry, it costs IDR 10.000 for an adult, but I'm not sure if the price is different for foreigner. 

evedina boat stop at the guesthouse

Then from the ferry terminal in Samosir Island (Toba Lake) you can rent a local transportation called tuk-tuk. But actually, there's a better option, we know this transportation from the last day when we got back to Parapatan. There's a local boat called KM EVEDINA (Tuk tuk-Parapat route), this boat goes every hour and costs IDR 25.000. The most interesting part is that they can drop you off right in front of the hotel, here's their Whatsapp number +62813-7702-5589. 


Romlan guesthouse is a simple place but homey. They have a restaurant there which serves a good food; local and western food, we tried the food a few times, and we liked it. The guesthouse is a lake front property, so you can just jump to the lake for swimming or you can go for canoeing, they provide it for free. This guesthouse can arrange tuk-tuk transportation, bicycle or scooter rent too. They have a wide range of book collections too.

double room lake view

We only stayed for 3 nights in total, we stayed in 2 different bedroom types. For the first 2 nights, we stayed in a double room lake view. This room with the old traditional kind of guesthouse style with a private bathroom, and it's very spacious for us with a terrace. 

bungalow type

We also stayed in their Bungalow, which is a traditional Toba style house, such a unique experience staying here. But the bathroom is a shared bathroom outside. The room is very spacious and modern inside, it also has a terrace. We really liked staying in this type of room, because our room was on the edge and we could see the sunrise clearly. It was a pleasant experience to stay in this guesthouse, we will come back for sure.

If you need information about anything, I will try to help, send me a message thru Instagram @helgachrist and don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel. Thank you.
Helga Christ
Helga Christ Currently living in Bali