By HelgaChrist - June 02, 2018

Hello guys! welcome back to my journal. Last week I visited a new MAGAL outlet in Bali. FYI this is the second outlet in Bali, the first one is in Jl Raya Kuta. This outlet is located in Samasta Mall, Jimbaran, Bali.

FYI, they serve a la carte menu like ramyeon, so it's not all about BBQ. And you must order minimum 2 meat if you want to enjoy their Korean BBQ. You can also drink their tea for free, so you dont need to order any drink (I think that's traditional corn tea)

I came here with my sister, for 2 person  I order 2 pork bbq, and 1 tteokbokki (korean rice cake). At first I thought oh that's a small meat. But, it came with many side dishes. For 2 of us, it's very full, and I can't even eat my tteokbokki

Look at those side dishes!

And here's my tteokbokki (65k)

Honestly I think that's the best tteokbokki in Bali so far. It's a little bit hard to find good korean restaurant in Bali. So for 2 porks, 1 tteokbokki, 2 soft drinks it cost almost 350k

Worth to try !

Here's the menu

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