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Batu Jaran Hill Uluwatu Bali - Are you looking for a new sunset point in Bali? free? and exclusive? Yes you can find it in this hidden spot in Uluwatu called Batu Jaran Hill! This is my 4th year living in Bali, and I just found this beautiful spot!

at 16.00pm, we just start our trip to Batu Jaran Hill from Nusa Dua, where I live. It takes about 30 minutes ride by motorbike. Batu Jaran Hill actually located next to Uluwatu Temple. So, from the uluwatu temple gate, you just turn right and follow the road, after like 3 minutes you will see a sign on the left side "Batu Jaran Hill" then just go follow the sign through the small road. You better go with motorbike cause a car is not really a good idea for you, as I said the road is really small there and the parking place too. And ofcourse this place is free of charge

After you follow the small road, it will lead you to a white tower. white tower is the last spot that you should go, first you can go to the edge of the cliff by follow a path surrounded by shrubs, that's the first spot to that a picture.
the first spot

The second spot is on the left side, also follow a path surrounded by shrubs, you will see a like a green field then follow a paving road, it will lead you to the edge of the cliff but becareful, too many monkeys there. Just don't bring any food or drink to keep you save lol, yes that's true. I dont want to get into a trouble with the monkeys there!

2nd spot

The third spot is the chill spot to watch the sunset! That's the white tower! You can go to the top of the tower if you're brave enough, maybe it's about 20 m, or if you dont get any space to sit on the top of the tower, just sit on the 3rd or 2nd floor. 
the tower

Many foreigner come to this place, I dont know how can they know about this place. and becareful, the wind is too strong there. The most important thing that if you bring any bottle of cigarette, please dont throw any garbage, and make it clean so the other can enjoy it too! 

3rd spot 


So Batu Jaran Hill is a perfect sunset spot for you, it's free and not too crowded like Uluwatu Temple!

See ya !