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Tips for Cheap Travel to Bali (Backpacker Style 2018)

Hello guys welcome back to my journal! I'm living in Bali for almost 3 years now and I'm gonna give you some tips to enjoy Bali while having a tiny budget. Here's some tips for you:

The first step about accomodation you should know Bali is a big island, so each area is different. The crowded area is South of Bali. Seminyak and Ubud is famous as an 'expensive area'.  Ofcourse there's a stereotype of the area in Bali. Let me tell you the stereotype;

- Nusa Dua : Resort Area
- Pecatu, Uluwatu : Surfer
- Kuta : Low class
- Legian : Mid class
- Seminyak : High class
- Canggu : Hipster who loves party, vegan area
- Ubud : Yoga, Calm, Nature
- Denpasar ; Long term traveller
- Sanur : Elder
- North Bali : Elder

For example in Ubud you can find a 3* hotel for $55/night but in nusa dua or Kuta you can find a 3* hotel for $25. If you're a solo traveller, dorm might be a good choice for you, it starts from $2/night. But if you're going to Bali as a couple, guesthouse might be the best choice for you only start from $10/night that's for a short stay.

If you're planning to stay in Bali at least for a month go find a studio for a cheap deal. The local people will call it as a 'Kost' for a better price, it start for $80/month with full facilities. The cheapest kost you will find is in Denpasar area. 

And dont forget to join Facebook group to get information such as :  Canggu Community, Ubud Community. That's the famous FB group for tourist if you want to ask anything. 

 I always book my accomodation from, Just make a booking through this link  Click here for USD15 OFF and you will get USD15 off to help you save money.

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In fact Bali is very cheap for the food especially if you eat in a local place called 'Warung'. For a portion of Chicken Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Ayam) you can find it in local place for US$1-2, in restaurant about US$2-7.  Seminyak is famous for their expensive restaurant.
But it's different with tradisional food like suckling pig place, I suggesr to bring a local friend because for local people we can get it for $1 or $2. For for tourist it can cost $4-8 depend on the person who gives you the price or make sure you ask the price first.

I also have a trick for the best go to a coupon website called FAVE use promo code FAVEHELGA18 to get discount at your first purchase. They offer up to 75% off for food, hotel, sightseeing, etc. I often use that app to get the best price but make sure to eat all the terms and conditions first because sometimes there's a promotion that only can use for Indonesian not foreigner.

Important: You can't drink tap water in Bali


There's a public bus called Sarbagita. Yes it's very cheap but I'll not recommend it, it takes time to wait till the bus come. If you want to go far and explore by your own just rent a motorbike, for a day it cost $5-7. or rent a car, without driver it cost start from $15. But if you never drive a bike just order taxi car or bike online by apps called 'Gojek'  or 'Grab' it's very cheap, the price is based on the fare price just put the location and it will automatically give you the price you must to pay. Personally I use gojek, if you have account balance, you will get special price in every ride just top up your balance with the driver.
And if you want to use taxi just search 'Blue Bird Taxi' they also have app. I dont say the other taxi is bad, but usually the tourist will get taxi scam beside bluebird.

And dont use airport taxi, CRAZY PRICE. Just go out of the airport, pick a bluebird taxi or order Gojek or Grab


The apps called FAVE that I mention before also sell ticket for sightseeing with a better price. There's also other apps called 'Traveloka'


Are you looking for souvenir? If you have crazy bargain skill go to Art Market such as Sukawati Art Market or Ubud Art Market. The real price can be 50-70% off of the offer price.
But if you cant bargain just to go Krisna oleh oleh shop in Kuta. Cheap price and you dont need to bargain.

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