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Hello! welcome to my blog. Because I'm a student and I pay my holiday by myself so I find 'student budget' depend on my trip to HK-Macau-Shenzhen 7days 6night only for USD300 (included Hostel, Hotel, Local Transport, and Meals)


12.50 Go to our hostel  ‘Kowloon New Hostel’ in Tsim Sha Tsui area . We already booked the hostel about 3 months before the date. For 5 days & 4 nights I got the price HKD750 for 2 people.But when we arrived we "upgraded" to bigger room and added to other facilities (TV, Toilet, Shower, Hair dryer, Cleaning service everyday, Free drinking water, AC). So for 5days 4nights I paid HKD 1020 for 2 person (deposit HKD300) Total HKD510 /person. I recommend this hostel if you want cheap hostel and great facilities. Don't forget to bring your own water bottle.

New Kowloon Hostel

At the airport, I brought Octopus Card. This is magic card you can use for Bus, MTR, 7eleven, etc (HKD 150 , balance HKD100 and deposit 50 you can refund when you will get back and administration refund fee HKD). So the cheapest way from Airport to my hostel is go by Airport Bus A21 to Tsim Tsa Tsui HKD33 by octopus).

Don't forget to byt SIM CARD at 7 eleven airport for 5 days HKD 68
- 15.00 arrived at the hostel
- 17.30 Go to Victoria Harbour, just walk about 10-15minutes. But becareful, many scam! On the way to Victoria Harbour you will see ‘Heritage 1881’ and other photo spot foto in Museum of Art Hong kong’. 

- 19.30 after that, we go to 7 eleven to buy Samyang cup noodle HKD 10 

Total Day 1 HOSTEL 5days 4night HKD510 + Octopus Card HKD150+ Sim card HKD 68 + Samyang noodle 10 = HKD 738

- 09.00 We go to Golden Crown GuestHouse (1min from our hostel) to buy Ferry ticket to Macau don't buy at the counter ferry terminal it's more expensive. at Golden crown I got cheap offer for HKD 290 return

- 10.00 After checked tripadvisor, we decided to eat at One Dim Sum. What a busy queue. This place near  MTR Prince Edward. You will get FREE TEA and this is the cheapest dim sum in HK and tasty! For 4 meals we only pay HKD 75 / 2persons =HKD 37.5
This is a must! So yummy

- 12.00 on the way from One Dim sum I found cheap store, almost all the clothes for HKD 50

cheap store HKD 50

-13.00 - 15.00 Go Snoppy world & Thousand Buddha. Both place located near MTR Sha Tin. From MTR Prince Edward to Sha Tin HKD 7.7 you can find snoppy world at the mall and thousand buddha lilbit far under the bridge there is a sign to thousand buddha
Snoppy world

Snoppy world

thousand buddha

-18.00 on the way to find dinner place we found cute place Kowloon park (nathan road)

- 19.00 Search for meals around temple streetwe found wonton noodle super yummy, big portion but I don't why the name (name in cantonese)  HKD 40 included milk tea
mie wonton

near temple street
20.00 Go to Jordan Street (sneaker street) cheap and original sneakers

21.00 Next go to H&M near Ladies Market. Sale!

Total DAY 2 Ferry Macau HKD 290 + Dim Sum  HKD 37.5+ dinner HKD40= HKD 367.5

DAY 3 (Macau) 

Ferry Terminal in  Tsim Sha Tsui located in 33 Canton Road near my hostel. In macau the currency is MOP but you can use HKD

- 07.00 Breakfast di McD HKD 24 

09.00 Arrived in Macau. Free Shuttle bus in Macau Taipa Harbour  to  Wynn Hotel. there are many  free shuttle bus offer by Big hotel and casino like Lisbon, Venetian or Parisian. but we choose Wynn because other bus is full.

- 10.00 arrived at Wynn we walk to Senado Square & Ruin of St Paul about 15mins. go to Grand Lisboa and follow Google Map or ask people 

- 10.30 From Senado Square to Ruin of st Paul (10mins)

Senado Square

Ruin of st Paul

around Ruin of St paul

11.30 buy Portugese Egg Tart 'Koi Kei Bakery' in front of Ruin of st paul MOP 8

12.00 explore the street

12.30 go to Venetian, free Shuttle bus to City Of Dream (near venetian) to get the shuttle bus place, follow the road to  Grand Lisboa in the middle of the road you will find Hotel SINTRA there is a shuttle bus officer, you can ask her

13.00 Ariived at City of Dream, now go out to the main road and cross to Venetian & Parisian. 

menuju parisian (menara eiffel) ikutin aja petunjuk jalannya


14.00 Lunch in Venetian. lilbit pricey here but you'll get sharing portion

in the pic (fried rice, vegetable & soup MOP 100

15.00 after explore venetian and parisian, we decided back to ferry terminal by Shuttle bus from Venetian about10 mins

15.30 Go to immigration for 20 mins

16.30 Arrived in HK but we arrived at the different ferry terminal in central. So need to use MTR for  HKD 10 to TST Station

Total HKD24 Mcd +HKD 8 Egg Tart + HKD 100 lunch for 2 = HKD 82

DAY 4  Hongkong
So today we will explore HK  with a full schedule and the best way is buy  “MTR Tourist Pass” you can use this card wherever you want to go, unlimited but except to east lines (lo wu station near shenzhen). Tourist Pass HKD 65.

-09.00 Disneyland. You can go by MTR to Tung Chung Line (Transit at SunnyBay Station with a  mickey mouse train) we don't go inside Disneyland, we just visit and take pic. Before that, breakfast at 7 eleven sandwich HKD 14 and Top up octopus HKD100

-10.00 Ngong Ping Village (Big Buddha) From Tung Chung Station to ngong ping villagenya there are  2 option by BUS no 23 / CARBLE car.  CABLE CAR is expensive so we choose BUS to Ngong Ping Village beside Cable Car terminus  HKD 35 for return by BUS (last stop)

Snack HKD 21 
After go to Ngong Ping Village to decided to go to citygate outlet. FYI in citygate outlet  branded stuff like couch, furla, etc is more cheapear

15.00  hidden place Quarry Bay + Tung Choi Estate 
Tung Choi Estate

Quarry bay
Near Quarry Bay Station there's a bakery sell cheap egg tart only HKD 3.5 

after that the peak galleria. The Peak Galleria is kind of mall in front of the peak same view like the peak BUT FREE. Bus no 16
the peak galleria

18.30 Try star ferry HKD 3.4 by octopus card
star ferry

19.00 Dinner in Mongkok wonton noodle HKD 30
wonton noodle

MTR Tourist HKD 65 + Top Up Octopus HKD 100+ Snack HKD21+ makan pagi HKD14 + Egg Tart HKD 3.5 + makan malam HKD30= 233.5

After 4nights in Kowloon, today we want to find new place in HK Island ( Yesinn Fortress Hill Hostel ).  HKD 298 /2 = HKD149.
more expensive than new kowloon hostel but not better than kowloon hostel

11.00  KFC HKD50/2= HKD25

12.00 Try ding ding (tram) to the stop near Mall Times Square HKD 2.4 by octopus
13.00 explore Graham Street art area in HK (street art) dan Man Mo temple 

Man Mo temple


Graham Street

15.00  Bus to Causeway Bay, Buy Snack Fish ball HKD 15

18.00 Tim Ho Wan "the cheapest michellin star restaurant"
order 4 menu HKD90 /2 = HKD45

20.00 Best Mart 360 this is a must ! the cheapest place to buy chocolate in HK
best mart
21.00 7eleven buy samyang for tomorrow breakfast HKD 10

Total  DAY 5=Hostel HKD 149 + KFC HKD25 + Snack HKD15 + Tim Ho Wan HKD45+ Samyang HKD10 = HKD 244


09.00( From HK) MTR From Fortress Hill to Lo Wu Station HKD 49 by octopus
10.30 Arrived, go to second floor for VOA. But we have a problem with an officer that don't know the rules!! waste my time

15.00 from Luohu by metro line 1 (green) to laojie station ( colour dongmen hotel) RMB2
 Colour Dongmen Hotel RMB205 ( 3 star hotel ) = RMB 102.5/orang street sign in chinese

Meals and shopping in shenzhen is cheaper than HK

16.00 Dongmen street buy Octopus satay RMB 10 for 5pieces ! worth it!

Next go try  "stinky tofu" RMB 10

Next, go to McD RMB 42/2= RMB12

 KFC ice cream super yummy RMB 8
ice cream KFC 

recommend shop MINISO from Japan, cheap price and good quality. bag for RMB20

Tota DAY 6l= 7eleven HKD 13 +VOA 168+ Metro RMB 2+ Hotel RMB102,5+ Octopus satay RMB10 + Stinky Tofu RMB10 + Mcd RMB12+ RMB8= HKD13 & RMB312,5


09.00 Today, we go to dafen oil village this is painting village. From metro Seibu to Dafen station (line 3) Return for RMB8 exit A1 go to about 2mins and you will find a sign to dafen village

searching for mela a lilbit hard cause they don't understand english! Not at all so use your body 

here you will get more cheaper food than dongmen, wonton noodle only for RMB8 and big

11.00 go to hotel prepare for back to Airport HK tbut we stop to KFC first and buy again ice cream  RMB8

12.00 Check out, go to metro ( Luohu station last stop) RMB 2

Total DAY 6 Metro RMB 10+meal RMB8 + ice cream RMB8 = RMB26

Total in Shenzhen  RMB26+ RMB312,5=  338,5


13.00 arrived in  HK from Shenzhen, top up octopus card  HKD50, MTR one stop to Sheung Wan Station by Octopus HKD 20. Go out of the station to bus station, search for bus A43 to Airport only 4 stops HKD28 by octopus. Arrived at Airport, refund Octopus Card (arrival) 

DAY 7 Top Up Octopus HKD 50 +  refund octopus 70HKD for 7eleven shopping= 120 HKD

HONG KONG HKD738+ HKD367,5+ HKD233,5+ HKD244+ HKD120 +HKD13 =HKD1716