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Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Indonesia's island Bali and a district of Klungkung Regency that includes the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan. We start out journey from Padang Bay Habour and bring car on Ferry and it takes about 60 minutes. But we have to arrive at least 10.00am. You can bring your motorbike in ferry

DAY 1 
15.00 arrive in Nusa Penida
15.30 searching for meals
16.30 go to Kelingking Beach (70 minutes from Harbour by Car)

Kelingking Beach (West Side)

17.00 go to Broken Beach (Failed) The Road is really bad to pass by a car at the moment so we decided to search a hostel near Ped Temple. Nusa Penida is a new famous island in 2015 so it's a little bit hard to find good hotel or 5 star hotel. But now, you can find a lot of villa / hotel in the island

19.00 some friends go to Holy Ped Temple to Pray. So this is the end of day 1

08.00 Today we decided to rent a motorbike cause we don't have much time and we headed to Broken beach (Pasih Uug) & Angel's Billabong it's the same road. But! the road is really bad enough so shaky for the belly! Prepare your body to get ready

angel's billabong

broken beach (pasih uug)
12.00 go to Bukit Telletubies (60 minutes from broken beach)
12.30 go to Atuh Beach (failed! wrong way haha)
13.00 go to malibu beach

bukit teletubies

atuh beach from the top

malibu beach

14.00 eat! I love this restaurant but forget the name

15.00 back to the Harbour and this is the end of our journey

hostel 150.000/5 = 30.000/person/night
rent bike 50.000/2 = 25.000/person
fuel&ticket  170.000/person
ferry ticket (person) 31.000 + 27.000
ferry ticket (car) 290.000 + 270.000 / 5= 112.000
meals + others 100.000/person

-don't ever you dare bring your car to this island well it's useless cause the road is really bad
so rent a motorbike is the perfect option
-cheap hostel near the Ped Temple
-prepare your sunblock!
-becareful when you eat cause local people told us some restaurant is dangerous cause they use 'black magic'
-NO SIGNAL make sure you search restaurant with wifi and download google maps offline
- to explore all the place you will need at least 3 days 2night

That's all!