By HelgaChrist - December 14, 2018

Hi! Welcome back to my journal. So on July 2018, I joined a volunteer trip to Kei Islands, Maluku, Indonesia. Maybe a lot of people never heard about this place? well, you should go there before you die! 


There are 2 options:
Kei Islands has an airport (Langgur Aiport). Your flight will transit in Ambon City before you arrive in  Langgur. This is the gate to Kei Islands. From flight Ambon usually cost about $50  / Rp 800.000 (low season) it takes 2 hours 

*Ferry Ship
There's a PELNI Ship. It will start from Ambon to Tual (Kei Islands). But you should know this ship will have a transit to Banda Neira island for 2 hours. It will cost you Rp 273.000 (about 24hours, 9 hours to Banda neira and 12 hours to Tual (Kei Islands). But if you have time to can explore Banda neira first. Banda neira is a heaven for divers in the world, remember the ship is not going to Tual everyone (check the schedule on or Pelni Apps on android)


a lot of area in Kei Islands, doesn't cover the phone signal and People in Kei Islands is still tranditional and live based on their strong culture, so watch your attitude. The best time to visit Kei Island is start from January - August

1.  Accomodation
You can find hotel and guesthouse depend on your budget. (use my referal link for USD15 OFF ) to get 15 off for your first booking

2. Transportation
* Rent Motorbike / Car
This is the option if you're on 2 person or a group, it will cut your budget

* Charter Bemo
From airport to the Tual City you can negociate to the bemo driver. it usually cost about Rp 150.000/car.

* Ojek
The best option if you're a solo traveller. it's more efficient for you. or you ask the driver go with you for a day to visit tourism destination

3. Tourist Attraction

It's all about beach! Most of the tourist attraction in Kei Island is white sand beach and beautiful landscape
Please check it out here

But if you want more simple to arrange your trip, you can join open trip start from Rp 2.300.000 for 3 days or arrange private trip. Please check on instagram @kakibajalang_trip @moluccantrip

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