By HelgaChrist - September 13, 2018

Hi! Welcome back to my journal. Ubud is always my favorite place to relax, I always want to visit this place since last year but I couldn't find it lol

Little Talks Ubud is located in Campuhan street, right in front of the Bridge restaurant. In fact it's a little bit hard to find because it isn't behind the main road, but located in the underground! Yes you should take steps and go down, just follow the sign

Here's out food

Spaghetti carbonara

Fish & Chips
They serve Indonesian and Western food! Actually the food is great and it cames with a big portion. 

What I like about this cafe, it's a cafe with library concept and usually they have interesting event on the weekend but follow the instagram @littletalksubud It's like a co-working space with a great view and high speed wifi

And here's the menu

So, it's a great cafe to just relax or work. for me, I'll definetely come back to this place

Food 4.5/5
Price 4.5/5
Service 4/5
Place 4.5/5

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