By HelgaChrist - January 04, 2018

Hello guys! welcome back to my journal. lately, if you check on social media the eruption of the mount agung become viral. Many people want to see the eruption and you may see on instagram many tourists take a pic with mount agung while erupting as the background. There are several locations to take a perfect picture with mount agung in the background. Lempuyang temple is one of them and it consists of several temples. There are 2 famous spots in Lempuyang. The first is in the picture down below and the second one is the top of lempuyang temple where you can only access it by motorbike plus you must go trekking about 1700 stairs. We decided not to go there because we arrive in the afternoon, not really a good time for trekking. The local people said to us if in the top, there are many monkeys so be careful

From Kuta it take about 3hours ride to this temple

To visit this temple, we should wear sarung / kamen, you can rent it an the main gate for Rp 10.000/person, you should also give a donation to the temple. The best time to visit this temple is the morning so you can see the volcano. When we arrived, it's about 12pm so the cloud covers the volcano

After we arrive, a man will give a holy water and it's a must the temple is sacred. And woman who is on period should not enter to the temple

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