By HelgaChrist - July 22, 2018

Hi! Welcome back to my journal. After living in Bali for almost 4 years, finally I decided to explore Buleleng Regency. Yes it is so far from where I live (Nusa Dua). It takes about 4 hours drive. To reach buleleng, you can take bus from Ubung Bus Station (which is the cheapest option). But, there's no fix schedule. You can also take a shuttle bus from Perama Tour (book online here) but unfortunately it doesn't have a good schedule for me, it takes a little bit longer because they will have a few stop until Lovina. So, I decided to ride my motorbike. That's crazy, I will not recommend you if you're just learn how to ride a motorbike cause it's dangerous. Just me and google maps to Lovina and I made it. 

Lovina is calm, nice place to relax, different ambience compare to Kuta. The only reason why I visit lovina is for Dolphin Watching. at 6am, there will be hundreds of boat to watch the dolphin. The price is Rp 100.000/pax and it usually takes about 2 or 3 hours depend on the dolphin.

But unfortunately, it's full moon when I arrived. The guide said it's hard to see the dolphin jump on full moon. Yes he's right! The dolphin wont jump, a little bit update. Maybe next time I'll come back! 

Btw, I stay at a beachfront homestay (Gede homestay) so it will be easier to book the tour and wake up early. Use my referal code to get USD15 OFF 

It is worth it? Yes! Definetely! You're watching dolphin at their natural habitat. It's better than you go to circus and let em unhappy plus it's animal abuse!

So far I enjoy Buleleng, a lot of things to see and to do! Can't wait to go back next time

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